About us
  • Fei Best Industrial is a professional rapid prototyping company, based in Hong Kong with factory in Xiamen. Our company is market oriented, with a experienced and dedicated staff that focus on offering various high technologies processes.

    Fei Best Industrial is a leader in the domestic business field and is also highly competitive within many international markets. We are developing international business, the development team has increased not only the number of staff but also the significant skill base. These include professional quotation operators, designers, figure file operators, and also several sales representative's fluent in English, Japanese etc, providing the most professional relative services for the clients all over the world. A lot of industrial design and rapid prototyping companies from European, Australia, South-east Asia, and North American have established long-term business relationships with Fei Best Industrial.

    Fei Best Industrial has invested in advanced technologies and highly skilled work force. With these assets, we can model out of a very wide variety of materials including many sorts of plastics, such as ABS, MABS, PMMA, PVC, PC, POM, PP, PA, PPT, PE etc. Also including metal materials like Stainless steel, aluminum and copper etc.

    Our customers are covered in all kinds of industrial field, such as auto parts, LED lighting, mobile phones; household products, kitchen appliances, telephones, computer parts, kitchen and bath fixtures. Standard mold manufacture is another service offered by us in Silicone, aluminum etc.

    Through comprehensive examination and extensive testing we can meet our customer's requirements for new product appearance, enhanced performance and robust configurations, offering quality products, which helps to shorten the development cycles and reduce the risk of tooling rework, as well as raises the product quality. Upon requests, we can carry on small batch production, Model appearance after treatment steps, the painting and electroplating samples can be prepared for display and market promotion, enabling our customers to pre-empt the market and reduce the consumption cost of development.